GON Movie Review 2: Parasitic

22 Mar



Released: 2012

Directed By: Timothy R. Martin

Written By: Timothy R. Martin

Starring: Bianca Holland, Amanda Beck, Marcus Jordan, Miguel de la Rosa, Isle Gallagher

Brought to Earth by a meteor,an alien parasite infects the manager of a Florida night club. Trapped in the club the remaining bartenders and bouncers must find a way to survive the alien menace that seeks to infect them one by one…

…and that’s your plot summary. Basic, but workable. Hell it’s been used so often because it’s so durable, especially for low-budget productions of which this certainly is. Unfortunately you can’t expect the formula to do all the work in your film, your script has to be descent, characters believable, and I need to see what the hell’s going on.

What could have been a descent creature feature is let down by its script, which needs a few more rewrites. None of these characters that we spend the movie with are all that distinct and in my mind were described as unpleasant Boss Lady, Waitress who disappears about 20 minutes in, blonde chick who drinks a lot but isn’t drunk, the couple who disappear, the two ethnic bouncers, the fat unpleasant man, the skinny nice guy loser, and blonde in a white shirt.

Well the acting is sub par across the board, Martin is not excused for failing to develop his characters beyond one note monster bait. We get nothing from these characters other than, yes the women looks nice, the actress who plays the boss lady is a good sport for having her tits out most of the time, and I like none of these people. I’m not sure if I was supposed to be rooting for the monster but what personality most of these characters do have is unpleasant. Hot or not I wouldn’t want to be around any of these people, except maybe the one black guy who seemed rather chipper throughout the whole thing. I’m guessing most of the personality traits came from the actors not writer/director Martin. Unless the script needed more work than I give it credit for. The cast doesn’t seem to be on the same page with scenes featuring one actor overacting, another under acting, and the black guy hitting the same note throughout the film. Whether this was let slide due to laziness, inexperience or simply being overworked (Martin also produced, edited and designed the creature) is irrelevant. It kills any tone the film was going for and prevents me from connecting with the characters or caring about their ultimate fate.

The creature effects look well enough for the budget, though for the most part they consist of the infected cast member grimacing and hissing with black crap all over their faces. I’ll give props for the one infected with the tentacle protruding from her throat, and the monster at the end looked impressive for the budget. That said it wasn’t really needed and the money spent on it could have been used to get some descent lighting.

If the acting and script didn’t kill this thing then the lighting certainly would. Much of the film is far,far too dark preventing the viewer from seeing much of anything. Darkness in horror films can add to suspense or disguise some dodgy makeup effects when used well. Here it feels like they film crew just couldn’t afford proper lighting equipment. This makes large sections of this film almost unwatchable.

Recommend For: If you’ve been struggling to get your own horror film off the ground the fact that this got made may keep your spirits up.

If you haven’t seen it: Keep it that way.


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