GON Movie Review 4: Rumble in the Bronx

6 Apr



Rumble in the Bronx

Released: 1995

Starring: Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Francoise Yip, Bill Tung, Marc Akerstream, Garvin Cross, Kris Lord

Directed: Stanley Tong

Written: Edward Tang and Fibe Ma


Jackie Chan journeys to New York for his Uncle’s wedding and decides to stay a couple of weeks to help the new owner of his Uncle’s Supermarket in the Bronx. Like every other Kung Fu master Chan (called Keung here) is quiet, reserved, polite, and always willing to help which of course lands him afoul of the local street gang…at least until some gentil words and several beatings convince the gang to change their lifestyle just in time to cross paths with the murderous henchman of ultraviolet criminal White Tiger. Many beatings ensue.

Like almost all of Chan’s films story and character take a back seat to the action. The simple stories and character allow for our focus to remain on Chan’s amazing athleticism. Chan’s claim to fame was doing all his own stunts, whether getting pelted with glass bottles, climbing up the side of a car park or jumping from rooftops, it’s all Chan. Admittedly that was the norm for Hong Kong where Chan built his career, but for 11-year-old me, it was pretty awesome seeing it for the first time back in 1995. It remains impressive in 2013, as what we see is what we get there are no CGI or practical effects to age badly.

It’s a good thing too that the fight scenes and stunts hold up because the film can be down right campy at times, especially when the street gang shows up looking like rejects from “The Warriors“. The gangs motivation for any of their actions seems to be “because we can” and none of their actions are really despicable enough to warrant are wanting to see them get beat. Not that we object when it happens. The film realizes this and introduces “White Tiger” and his goons to step in as villains (whom we know are worse than the gang because they proceed to pimp slap and manhandle a small crippled child). White Tiger is certainly more worthy of a Jackie Chan beating than the gang but is only in the film for the last 3rd if that. It also should be noted that aside from some stock footage this New York looks suspect with mountains on the skyline, water you can swim in and an abundance of plant life. As filming in New York is expensive the movie was shot instead in Vancouver. Apparently at one point the movie was set in Vancouver until someone decided New York would be more marketable.

That said I was in a rotten mood when I watched this (trouble with a lady friend) and Chan’s athleticism and slapstick managed to cheer me up some, which I always take as a mark of something good, though most of the credit should go to Chan himself rather than anything the movie does.

Recommended For: A rainy afternoon, kung-fu movie fans, or for anyone with 90 minutes to kill

If You Haven’t Seen It: Nothing you need to rush to see but if it’s on TV give it a go.


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